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At Bali Made Tours, we offer personally tailored tours based around your own interests and what YOU want to see in Bali.

Our tours are designed to explore deep into the essence of Bali.

Our goal is to reveal the natural charm of Bali to ensure all customers are satisfied and have the best Bali experience.

All you need to do is let us know your interest of Bali then we’ll do the rest. If you do not have much information about Bali, or are unsure as to what you would like to do and see, please do not hesitate to send us an email before visiting.

If you would like to see the real Bali, and see it in comfort, affordably and with a smile please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to meeting you.

Bali Made Tour, at first I meant to use my own name Made which pronounced as mar-day for this tour company, Made(mar-day) is a very popular name in Bali. Balinese names are according to birth order, for first born child will be named Wayan or putu, the second child Made or Kadek, the third Komang or Nyoman and the last one or fourth is Ketut.

As time goes a lot of positive response comes from my customers, demand is increasing, of course I cannot work alone anymore, then I have built my team, select my friends whom I can work with, to make sure services we offer to our valuable customers are remain unchanged and even better.

Almost all of our customers pronounced Made, in Bali Made tour in English instead of (mar- day) a Balinese name, coincidentally Bali made tour can also interpreted as a tour or holiday in Bali that made by Balinese. Which I think match with what we do.

Our goal is to reveal the natural charm of Bali to ensure all customers are satisfied and have the best Bali experience and finally make visitors love Bali as we do.

About Me

I was a operation staff continued as tour guide in one of a travel agent in Bali for about ten years. I speak two foreign language English and Japanese. After two times terrorist attack, less tourist coming to Bali. Then I decided to quit and get a job abroad. For nine months I worked for carnival cruise line sailing in south America.

I found it hard being away to my beloved family and our lovely island Bali. But the good thing is, I got an experience and knowledge in overseas of what tourists need to make their holiday a memorable one. Thanks to god after few years passed people coming back to Bali to see our beautiful island.

I started again as tourist driver get job from friends working at hotel or recommended by guests who I’ve served before. A lot of my driver friends doing the same. I asked them to join me to build an association and this website.

I Gusti Ngurah Martana profile

In order to provide prompt and maximum service and be able to cater any of customer needs for their holiday in Bali, I took I Gusti Ngurah Martana in our team, he is my senior in this work.

When I began studying and working in one of the travel agent in 1997, he was my supervisor and my mentor, He was a reservation manager at JTB Bali until 2008.

He used to deal with big sized group trip to Bali, has a good relationship with major hotels’ executives in Bali, professional and such a flexible person to work with.